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Butterfly Educational Tourism Center & Exportation Program:

Our on-site Butterfly Tourism Garden serves as a Conservation-based Education Center to share the ecological knowledge and biological importance of a variety of species of butterflies with children and adults from around the world. Our hope is to ignite a fire within others through the majestic beauty of seeing first-hand these amazing creatures in an effort to promote overall conservation, specifically of environments (such as the rainforest) which are necessary for their growth and protection. This worthwhile effort is also promoted through the exportation program of these tropical species to national and international Educational Conservation Centers such as museums and zoos for important research.

Support Local Communities & Conservation Efforts with Your Participation

When you participate in our butterfly garden, a portion of the proceeds directly supports the Osa Institute's Community Center, providing vital educational resources such as English classes for children, donations to a local folkloric children's dance group, and the Jr. Ambassadors program. These initiatives are crucial for fostering education and cultural enrichment within our local community. Check out Giovani's story on our Facebook page here.

Additionally, your support helps fund the bio inventory assessment and collection of scientific data to document rare and endangered species of plants and animals in our non-profit's preservations bordering Corcovado National Park in collaboration with the Global Sustainability Collective. This data is presented to corporations for funding, which allows us to employ local Costa Ricans year-round as preservation rangers. These rangers play a critical role in reducing poaching, illegal logging, and gold mining activities that harm the environment and disrupt the natural behaviors of wildlife. Together, we work to protect the rainforest and educate the public on the importance of conservation through museums and learning centers worldwide.

Join us in making a difference—support local communities and help preserve our precious rainforests!

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