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Osa Discovery
Eco Adventure Trip

Discovering the Osa Together

Trip Length:
10 Days

Price Per Person:
$2,750 USD

- 4 Latin Culture Classes
- Classroom
- 3 Daily Meals
- In-Country Transportation
- Lodging with Pool & A/C
- All Tours

Day 1: Puerto Jimenez Beach & Town 
Discover first-hand the local culture in the main hub of the Osa Peninsula, Shop, eat, swim, & more! 
Day 2: Guided Hiking Tour to Corcovado National Park, Waterfall, & Beach

Take a guided hiking tour with our knowledgeable guides, who will help you to discover all of the wildlife and beauty the Corcovado National Park has, afterward take a short hike to relax at a waterfall & then spend rest of the day at the dreamy tropical Matapalo beach!
Day 3: Sea Turtle Conservation & In-Water Monitoring

Spend the day on a boat in the Sweet Gulf working hands-on to with a local non-profit for Sea Turtle Conservation. Help with biometrics, tagging, & more! 
Day 4-8: Guided Morning or Night Hikes with Osa Institute, Butterfly Garden & Rainforest Conservation

Live on-site amongst the butterflies while volunteers learn, assist, educate, and participate in active ongoing conservation efforts. WorkThis project is the perfect opportunity for a once in a lifetime hands-on experience! See in their natural habitat 300+ species of birds, rare species of frogs & snakes, primates, & more.

Activities may include: Working under staff supervision in laboratory duties, prepping of materials and supplies in laboratory and production garden, pinning insects for displays, creation of educational signs throughout center,  gardening, filling and cleaning of feeders, revising host plants for eggs, enclosure enhancement, assisting with exportation duties, data collection, assisting with research, guiding educational tours for visitors, improvements to tourism center

Activities may include: Care and Maintenance of Garden: Propagation of plants & care of garden, watering, tending and wedding, racking, dirt collection and composting, planting, potting, preparation for planting, maintenance of supplies and materials used for gardening.

Day 9: Dolphin & Whale Watching Boat Tour
Discover the beauty of the Sweet Gulf & tropical fjord

Day 10: Return to Airport

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