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Welcome to your home-away from home in Costa Rica!


Our facilities offers:

Two large dormitories with ensuite bathrooms for youth-aged groups which fit up to 20 per room with a large bathhouse
Two group rooms with ensuite bathrooms that fit up to 6 per room
Staff room
Private rooms for chaperones
*Optional air conditioning available in all rooms

Dining hall with buffet meals plans
Pool & outdoor sitting area
Two butterfly gardens
Gift shop & reception area
Plant nursery
Community Center & Classroom Area
*Optional laundry service available

Large Dorm #1
Production Butterfly Garden
Pool & Outdoor Area
Large Dormitory #1
Outdoor Bathhouse
Outside View of Private Room
Private Room
Ensuite bathroom
Group Dormitory #1
Smaller Laboratory
Production Garden
Pinning Board
Buffet Meals
Private room

Interested in group accomadations? Schedule a meeting with us!

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